Don't get caught out with a frozen condensate pipe this winter.

 Harley Plumbing & Heating have several slolutions to this problem.

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If you've experienced problems with your condensing boiler discharge pipe freezing up in the winter then you'll know that this will prevent your boiler from working until it has thawed out. Frustrating at a time when you most need a reliable heat source.

If your pipe work runs outside the building or in a unheated area it will almost certainly freeze during the coldest periods we've experienced in recent winters, however much unsightly lagging is applied.

There are now several different solutions to prevent this from happening.

  • The first and most satisfactory solution is to re-route the pipe internally if at all possible.This will also eliminate unsightly pipe-work on the outside wall
  • Fit a bypass valve to the condensate pipe which can be manually opened to allow pipe to be drained into a bucket or other recepticle. A quick fix but not entirely satisfactory as freezing usually occurs overnight which means the house is left unheated until the valve can be operated and you must remember to empty bucket when full
  • Fit a secondary siphon that will store and heat a reservoir of condensate that is then dicharged at a greater volume less often. This product uses no extra energy as it is heated by the central heating flow pipe and has been proven to work at -15ºc for up to 48 hours.
  • Fit a trace heating system of which there are several types. This involves running a wire heating element to either the outside or internally of the exposed pipe. Another solution is to fit a unit that blows warm air into the pipe keeping it clear of frost. These types of fittings use a small amount of electricity that is thermostatically controlled so that they only use power when the outside temperature drops below a safe level.